WWDC 2007 begins today - Steve Jobs to deliver keynote presentation - Switcher Features in Leopard?

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By: switchtoamac at: 11:28 AM on June 11, 2007 | Comments (0)
It's finally here, Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs will kick off the event with a 10:00 a.m. keynote presentation at San Francisco’s Moscone West conference center.

The next version of Apple's operating system Mac OS X Leopard will be the focus of the event.  Apple has touted this new release since WWDC 2006 while keeping a lid on its "Top Secret" features that will finally be unveiled today.  Originally slated for a Spring 2007 release, Apple announced a delayed release date for sometime in October 2007 due to issues with the iPhone.

Switcher Features in Mac OS X Leopard?
We would love to see the introduction of features in Leopard that will make it easier for people to make the switch.  In July 2006, we posted an article titled called Desired Feature in Leopard: Windows Migration Assistant that outlined our hopes for a migration assistant to help people seamlessly make the switch from Windows.

Overall, we would welcome and embrace features that would open the door to increased Mac OS X usage.  We already know that Boot Camp will be an included feature in Leopard.  We won't rule out the possibility that Leopard will bring forth virtualization features.  We voiced out views in a March 2006 article titled Macs are Faster - Benchmarking - Virtualization Technology - Increased Market Share.

Switch To A Mac Commentary
Many have delayed making the switch as they have waited for Leopard's secret features to be revealed.  Let's just hope the wait was worth it and once Leopard hits the shelves it ushers in a new wave of switchers.  On numerous posts on this site I have put forth my view that Leopard would fuel the switch effect and that it would lead to significant market share gains for Apple giving the company at least 8% market share.  Please see the Windows Migration Assistant article referenced above.

I will post a review and analysis of the keynote and Mac OS X Leopard following the presentation and hope to have it up this evening or early tomorrow.

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