What is holding back your switch to Mac?

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By: switchtoamac at: 3:46 AM on May 7, 2007 | Comments (20)
Are you thinking about making the switch but are reluctant to purchase your first Mac?  If so, Switch To A Mac would like you to hear what you have to say.  We'd like to know what (if anything) with regards to Mac OS X and/or the current generation of Macs is holding back your decision to make the switch?  Does your reluctance have something to do with the Mac OS X operating system, the current Mac models, or both?

Perhaps the following questions are relevant:

Mac OS X

  • Is there anything about Mac OS X Tiger holding back your decision to switch?
  • Does Mac OS X lack a feature or capability that you currently use in another operating system?
  • Are you reluctant to make the switch because software you use isn't available for Mac OS X?
  • Has Apple failed to convince you that Mac OS X Leopard will be a superior operating system to Microsoft Windows Vista?

Mac Models

  • Are you simply waiting for Mac OS X Leopard to be released, the current line of Macs is not the issue?
  • Are you waiting for new features to be included in the next Mac models and if so what are they?
  • Is a parent or guardian preventing you from buying a Mac?
  • Is price a barrier to switching?
  • Are you unsure which Mac would be best suited for your computing lifestyle and that's the central issue blocking your purchase?

Please share your thoughts, concerns, and/or commentary in the comments section below.

20 Reader Comments

There is several reasons that after years I'm still waiting with switch to mac again.

First - I'm waiting for official and full support for my language - just as MS do. Sorry, just few apps are translated to Polish. And I can't put eng apps to all my people at work. They are Polish and need polish apps with polish dictionaries. But there are some infos about translating of leopard - so waiting... ;)

Second - just for me - still waiting for leopard. Maybe vista is nothing new - but still want to compare before to buy. And i'm not sure that with leopard they not put some minor hardware upgrades too.

Next - Gaming. What to tell... I know that even 360 I can connect to Mac - but still better get Vista/Xp PC. I'm not PS3 fan and Wii is an add to gaming system to me - spectacular in controller but just an add.

Next - media streamer - I prefer Netgear EVA 8000 than Apple TV. Just need more flexibility than beauty. ;)

So... waiting for leopard. Waiting for new iMac 24' and new cheap MacBook. Waiting for gamin miracle and some more elastic apple tv (why the hell I need mac to be on when want to use apple tv??? With netgear I can share my music and photos on net disc and use them without turning pc on!!!).

Just waiting cause I'm sure I will switch. Question is just - when... ;)

And maybe - why the hell I need to still wait for sth from apple? :) I don't need iBrick to make a call to my friend. I need Leopard and new comp on my desk!!!!

:D Cheers for You all!

Simple, I have one problem with buying a mac: I'd have to buy a third laptop. I don't have money to burn on buying 3 computers in just over a year. I'm also not a fan of apple hardware, and I don't want to be locked into only being able to buy stuff from them.

The main reason I'm holding back my official switch is because I want a smaller/lighter notebook. I currently use a 12" Sharp notebook that is just 2.9lbs and meets my needs perfectly. I don't have much use for an optical drive and I really just love how portable I am with my laptop.

I had made my decision to switch and was going to purchase a 12" Powerbook, but then Steve Jobs made that jaw-dropping announcement to switch to Intel chips. Ever since then, I've been waiting for a new version/substitute for the 12" powerbook. The current Macbooks are nice (and great value too), but I want something lighter and hopefully smaller. With rumours of a sub-notebook in the pipes, I'm holding back.

I'm bugged with what hell is Microsoft Office 2004 (the one I worked with) for Mac. I wasn't able to try OpenOffice for Mac or some other products, but Microsoft office for Mac is unacceptable for me (usability first of all).

If only Apple had a page on their website where you can see all third-party software (recommended by Apple) that substitutes (or is a version of) popular software for Windows. It's so easy to do, isn't it?

I love the concept of Mac - the design and all, and i've used it - it's much nicer than Windows. But I'm not only having fun with it, I must also be able to work on it. Give me decent office!

I haven't seen the new office for Mac (they made the new 2007 version for Mac too, right?), hope it is good enough - I'll be looking for a Mac in a year o so hopefully.

The UI is not as great as they claim and it is not consistent.

Example: When I click the green button on the window bar, I want the window to expand to full screen. This works in some apps, but not in others.

i'm waiting for leapard and an updated macbook.

Mac comes with some Microsoft software, right? Well, why the hell is that? Microsoft is what I'm trying to get away from, so I don't want anything made by Microsoft on any computer I own. The fact that Mac offers MS Office instead of Open Office makes me feel uncomfortable.

I'm also a bit concerned about Mac hardware. When it works it's great, but when it doesn't work you can't just buy a replacement hard drive or a replacement battery from another company. You've gotta wait for the company that blew it in the first place to fix your problem. That's a lot of reliance on one company. I read the tech news sites. I know about product recalls, so this gives me some concern as well. Remember the iPod battery recall?

A few years ago at a tech conference I watched the Mac users open their laptops and wondered why they all had pieces of chamois between their keyboards and screens. Turns out it was because otherwise the keyboards would scratch the screens of their expensive Mac laptops. What kind of stupid design flaws are these people at Apple letting through, then? Another worrying topic.

I am eager to get away from Windows, but I must admit that there's one thing Microsoft does better than Apple, and that's font rendering technology. Macs just aren't as good on that front.

Finally, if I switch to a Mac and then hate it, I'll be stuck in a world where I can only buy equipment from one company, and for no good reason.

I've been thinking really seriously about getting a Mac. The reasons I've stated above make me think that I'd be better off buying a PC laptop, ditching Windows, and running the Linux OS on it. That way I don't have to have any Microsoft software in my life, and I can easily switch to another OS (Unix, for example) if I want.

The last Office was @004? Nikita,try to keep up. We're at Microsoft Office X and it's a pretty good product too and plays nice in the Windows world as well.

I'm mainly waiting for updated macbook and/or macbook pro models. With every guide on the net saying that almost every model of mac is due for an update, its hard to convince myself to get one. I know there's a point where you just have to buy or else you'll always be waiting, but the specs at the least need to be updated on the notebooks.

A better graphics card would also be nice on the macbooks. I don't do a lot of computer gaming but it would be nice to have something that runs everything at least half-way decent as well.

Overall, Apple would be foolish to not release some kind of an update (whether it be simply better specs or even an entire redesign) to their laptops this summer. I can live with waiting for Leopard until the fall but can't for a computer. I'm in the category of going off to grad school this fall and would like to make the switch, but if all that is available is year old models then I might as well buy a pc.

I am waiting for the new MacBooks to be released before I switch.

Definitely waiting for Leopard. Also waiting for the Santa Rosa platform to come out on the MBP. I wish Apple would switch to Nvidia chips for their MBPs because I like Nvidia a lot more than ATI and the X1600 is very old.

I am 100 % sure of making the switch this year. I am just waiting for a hardware upgrade to the 15 inch MBP version.

In March it was very hard to continue to wait for Leopard. Now I am fine with not getting Leopard with my new MBP, but I will not buy that old hardware.

I want 2gb ram and a competitive GPU chip. I dont need no 8800 GTS or something like that, but I DO NOT WANT TO INVEST SO FRIGGIN MUCH MONEY ON THE X1600!

I too am waiting for the new Macbook. I literally have the money in hand and I plan on transitioning all of my work on The Rock and Roll Report from my Dell laptop running Windows XP to a MacBook. I am in the planning mode for a podcast and Garageband is the way I want to go with that. It is just frustrating because I need to get it soon. What does the rumor mill say about when the new Macbooks are to debut?

Want a new Macbook with Santa Rosa and Leopard. No sense buying now just to ugrade a few months down the road.

After using several macs for a couple of years at work I found out a few things about them that I do not like.

1 steve jobs decides how you should use your computer, sorry steve for hardware this expensive you should leave it to me to decide how to use it

2 inconsistent and just a weird copy of windows osx has some options os9 did not have and they look like bad copies from windows. the finder is just clumsy. try copying a couple of files from several folders... its a nightmare. Must say the path finder tool made it workable but by default i think the finder is horrible and stupid

3 Old hardware, pretty much the same as with the iphone: what are they thinking trying to dump such old tech on the market and hail it as a revolution?? 2.5G phone? what a joke. And hey i have a touch screen phone that plays music, bought it from HP 3 years ago. does pretty much all the iphone does :P

4 just slow... sorry but even the quad core mac pro i use at work is slow compared to my home PC i prefer photo shopping on my older PC ... actually i just prefer windows all together despite the fact i am desperate to switch lol.

Windows XP is still the best all around operating system from my point of view.

Think Secret is "reporting" that an update to the MacBook is iminent and will come "sooner rather than later."

Take that for what it's worth.

Would like Apple to start providing a free upgrade to leopard on new hardware that would provide me with the comfort that the hw will work seamlessly with Leopard. Also, limited info on frontrow and currently mediacenter seems food and flexible though I would like to move toMac so hopeful on Leopard (networking home with central PVR/music/video computer that feeds the rest of the house).

I cannot imagine Leopard not being able to run on the Core 2 Duo Macbooks which rumor has it will be upgraded tomorrow (May 15th). I believe that most recent generations of Macs have been able to run the latest version of OS X with less trouble than a similar generation of Windows machine running the next version of Windows.

Well the new MacBooks have been released and despite the fact that they are just incremental updates (faster CPU, bigger harddrives, more standard memory) I'm switching this month because I cannot wait any longer.

All I can say is... Wow. I always wondered what the thought process was for potential switchers and after all of this I still am no where closer to figuring you guys out. Just a couple of points...

1. The hardware is no different now.. if you're constantly holding off because of the next great thing then you're never going to take the plunge. Moore's law is still in effect, no matter when you buy there's always going to be something better next year!

2. Windows is a poor copy of the Mac OS, unless 20 years of history has suddenly been re-written.

3. As I always say... it's not Windows, it will never be Windows, if you switch and you expect it to be Windows you will be horribly disappointed so you might as well stick with Windows.

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