USA Today: Windows, Macs co-exist

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:15 PM on March 19, 2007 | Comments (0)

Edward C. Baig states that you don't have to hold back on making the switch.  His column starts off with the following statement:

"Reluctant to switch to a Macintosh because so much of your favorite software requires Microsoft Windows? Now you don't have to hold back."

Baig then makes comments about Apple's Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop for Mac programs.  He states:

"Apple's free Boot Camp beta software can also make your Intel-based Mac a screaming-fast Windows machine. But when you turn your computer on, you must choose to work in either Windows or Mac's OS X Tiger."

"That's why I've been more intrigued by Parallels Desktop for Mac. The $80 "virtualization" software lets you run the Mac's operating system and Windows side-by-side."

The article transitions to a discussion about virtualization and making the choice between Parallels and Boot Camp.  You can read the article at USA Today.

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