USA Today: Vista causes an array of problems

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By: switchtoamac at: 11:50 PM on March 8, 2007 | Comments (0)
Columnist Andrew Kantor of USA Today outlines numerous problems with Microsoft Windows Vista in a Cyberspeak article titled, "Vista causes an array of problems."

The article describes Kantor's experiences with Vista, he states that problems were encountered right after he upgraded to Vista.  A few key quotes from his March 2, 2007 article are as follows:

"Back in November, I wrote about how disappointed I was with both Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007. I wondered if Microsoft was coming to the end of its reign as the 800-pound gorilla of the computing world."

"Since then, I've had a chance to put Windows Vista through its paces. If anything would help the kids in Redmond stay on top, it was this."

"And I can say confidently that it's not yet ready for primetime."

"But Vista's problems started almost immediately after I upgraded, before I did any tinkering. What's more, I saw that others were having all the same troubles.

"Then the real problems started. When I opened a folder that contained both pictures and video files, Windows Explorer crashed. I had to wait several seconds for it to reload, at which point all my desktop icons were rearranged. Turns out it's a problem with how Vista tries to create thumbnail of videos."

"Then I discovered that Vista would not allow Firefox to be my default browser no matter how hard I insisted. I even turned off Internet Explorer through the Default Programs control. Still, any link I clicked in an e-mail message would open in IE, while Firefox confidently told me it was set as my default browse"

Kantor then details his backup frustration.  He wasn't able to backup his documents and settings.  The article ends with the following statement that pretty much sums up his Windows Vista experience:

"If someone out there feels like spotting me the cash for a 20-inch, 2.33-GHz iMac and Photoshop, I'd be grateful."

A great read that can be found at USA Today.

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