Parallels Topic


Parallels Transporter, an app available on on the Mac App Store from Parallels, Inc, enables the switch from PC to Mac that much easier.


Not to be outdone by their VMware counterpart (who released Fusion 3), Parallels has also released a new version of their Mac virtualization program, Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac.  The update includes over 70 new features and significant performance improvements.


In an article geared for business Danny Bradbury writing for Financial Post describes how more firms are embracing Macs.  In the article titled 'Mac catching firms' eyes', Bradbury provides an example of Overlay.TV, a Ottawa, Canada based firm that has embraced Mac use within the firm.  He also provides information on Apple's Boot Camp as well as virtualization applications for the Mac.


In an article posted at the Wall Street Journal Walt Mossberg highlights the newly released VMWare Fusion 2.0 and calls it "the better choice for running Windows on a Mac virtually."  He also indicates that in his testing, Fusion performs faster than Parallels.


Parallels has just launched their Back to School Offer and new Refer-a-Friend program.  If you're new to Parallels Desktop, you can purchase it for only $49.99 ($30 off the regular price).  You can then get a $10 iTunes Gift Card for each referral who buys Parallels Desktop 3.0.