The Register Reviews Windows Vista and Says "Don’t buy it"

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:12 PM on February 24, 2007 | Comments (0)
In his review of Microsoft's new Vista operating system Thomas Greene of The Register makes the following conclusion, "Don't buy it, at least until after the first service pack is out. Don't pay to be a beta tester".

Greene starts off by pointing out the cost of Vista by stating, "The most prominent feature of Windows Vista is its cost."  The review also draws some direct comparisons to the features that already exist in Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

OS X Aqua Comparisons
"If Vista's price, especially for Europeans, is its most eye-popping feature, its second most eye-popping feature is the Aqua Aero desktop interface. Windows now has translucent icons and translucent window borders. Taskbar tabs zoom, with graphical preview thumbnails showing the window's contents, just as they do in Aqua".

"Dialog boxes are now cleaner, and wizards too. They look more Aqua-ish"

OS X Look and Feel Comparison
"The directory and file organisation, and the overall look and feel, are strangely reminiscent of...oh...what's the name of that OS I'm thinking of? But this is not to say that imitating Apple hasn't made the Windows UI a lot better. It has."

OS X Spotlight Comparison

"Search looks like a Spotlight clone"

Additional Comparisons
"Microsoft's next homage to Apple is the sidebar, a collection of little utilities and other single-use apps like clocks and timers and feeders bearing news headlines, stock reports, sports scores, etc. These are called Gadgets, to distinguish them from Apple's Widgets. Thus, we can say that they're not actually identical. One of the first things I did after I installed Vista was turn off the sidebar. I found it quite distracting. However, others might like it, so I won't criticise it.

"You will also find a very iCalendar-looking Calendar, and a very iPhoto-looking Photo Gallery. Neither of which is bad. The look, feel and behaviour of both is quite similar to the Mac versions, which is all the better."

"So, there's our first look at Vista. It does benefit from a lot of good ideas, many of them Apple's, of course, but good nevertheless. It simply doesn't work very well, unfortunately. There are serious problems with execution; it's not polished; it's not ready. It should not be on the market, and certainly not for the outrageous prices being charged. Don't buy it, at least until after the first service pack is out. Don't pay to be a beta tester."

You can read the full review here.

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