Talking Points Memo: So How's the Mac?

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:11 AM on August 4, 2006 | Comments (0)
Joshua states that he had long been a PC user but purchased a Mac mini after he had a bad experience with a new Windows based system.

Joshua states the following in his article:

"Basically, I'm sold. I've been using a PC at home and a Mac at work for several months now. And I just prefer using the Mac. A lot. Some of it is simple ease of use, the 'it just works factor'. It runs with few or no problems. And not having to worry about computer viruses is nice."

"I'm willing to pay good money for a really well-built machine. In the PC world, I've just had a really hard time finding that. Sure I had a bad experience with Gateway. But it's the same with the other big companies. Even if you get the top of the line, it's just not that well put together. And it's usually a bunch of different parts that don't really work together all that well. So, quality of the physical product and its integration with the operating system itself, which also seems light years ahead of Windows."

"Mac creates the machine, the operating system and a decent amount of the software. So of course they all tend to work well together. I've always been a bit leery of this since it sounded like I'd be tied into one prescribed approach and system and would be cut off from the innovation produced through a less hierarchical computer universe. In practice, though, I really like it."

"It Just Works. I like the way the Mac looks and the physical presentation on the screen is vastly nicer than on a PC."

Be sure to read Joshua's full article.  You may also want to read my prior post where I make the argument that Apple's integrated end-to-end model leads to innovation and user experience. 

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