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If you switched from Windows and your Mac doesn't have a two button mouse, you may get a bit annoyed with the lack of a right and left button on the mouse.  I decided to post this tip after several people voiced their frustrations after purchasing or using older Macs that came with the old one button mouse.


There are several ways to launch programs in Windows.  Most Windows users are accustomed to launching programs via the Windows Start menu.  Specifically:

Start > All Programs or Start > Programs


buttonsOne of the first things that a Windows convert needs to learn about quitting an application in OS X is that a simple close of an application window does not actually quit the application. In the default Blue OS X theme, windows have red, yellow, and green droplet-like buttons in the upper-left corner.


command keyThe Command key (also known as the "Apple" key) is probably the most important key on the Apple keyboard as it's leveraged for numerous keyboard shortcuts.  It is referred to as a "modifier" key.  There are two Command keys on the Apple keyboard to accomodate both left and right handed users.  You'll find one on each side of the spacebar.