Switcher Tip: Right Click on a 1 Button Mouse

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:48 AM on October 5, 2006 | Comments (1)
If you switched from Windows and your Mac doesn't have a two button mouse, you may get a bit annoyed with the lack of a right and left button on the mouse.  I decided to post this tip after several people voiced their frustrations after purchasing or using older Macs that came with the old one button mouse.
Wireless Mighty Mouse

I was provoked to post this article after a friend wanted to "test drive" my old Power Mac G5 (has a wireless one button mouse) as he's been thinking about making the switch.  He kept complaining about the lack of a right button.

Note that the new iMac and Mac Pro ship with the two button Apple Mighty Mouse (wireless also available) so those who purchase either of those two models will not have to worry about the one button mouse limitation.  The Mac mini does not ship with a mouse.

You can quickly mimic the right click by:
  • Pressing the Control key then click the mouse.  Try doing this on a link in Safari and you'll see various options.
  • For desktop actions, Control-click to show a menu with Finder commands such as New Folder, Get Info, etc
  • Control-click on the Macintosh HD (or any other hard drive) or CD to show a menu with numerous options
  • Control-click on a folder to bring up a menu with options such as Open, Get Info, Move to Trash, etc
  • Control-click on a file to bring up a menu with options such Open, Get Info, Move to Trash, Duplicate, etc.

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You forget
- on MacBooks, two-fingered tap
- on PowerBooks, get SideTrack and corner tap

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