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By: switchtoamac at: 1:24 PM on April 25, 2007 | Comments (0)
Miguelito Buzzard provides a nice list of programs he now uses on Mac OS X versus the programs he used to use on Windows XP.  Buzzard states:

"I have compiled a short, opinionated list of software that I used to use on WinXP and the comparable software that I now use on Mac OS X. Of course some of the feature sets are not 1 for 1 on the switch, but the tools I have found for Mac OS X have been sufficient in letting me leave Windows behind."

A summary of his list:

  • Outlook to Mail and iCal
  • HomeSite to TextMate
  • AppRocket to Quicksilver
  • FlashFXP to Transmit
  • SecureCRT to Terminal
  • SQL Manager to Navicat
  • Tortoise SVN to SVNX SCPlugin
  • OneNote to OmniOutliner
  • FastTrack Schedule 9 to OmniPlan
  • Visio to OmniGraffle
  • Internet Explorer 7 to Parallels
  • PHP Encoder to SourceGuardian

You can read his post in full here.

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