Survey indicates that 50% of U.S. IT pros are considering abandoning Windows, likely to switch to Apple's Mac OS X

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By: switchtoamac at: 10:46 AM on June 25, 2009 | Comments (2)

A June 12, 2009 article titled 'Can Windows 7 save PCs?", David Goldman writes about Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system.    The article discusses the PC slump and highlights a March survey conducted by Dimension Research that indicates that 50% of respondents are likely to dump Windows in favor of Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

Noteworthy quotes form the article
"Despite the positive reviews, most analysts say Windows 7 alone is not enough to jumpstart lackluster PC sales. They cite customer animosity toward Microsoft, a change in consumer trends and the typically slow pace of businesses' OS integration as reasons."

"Windows is by far the most-used PC operating system. Last year, 83% of new PCs sold had Windows built in."

"Windows 7 may be a shiny and new version of the world's No. 1 OS, but analysts wonder if customers are willing to give Microsoft a second chance after Vista. Users complain that Vista is sluggish, has too many versions and is susceptible to bugs."

Survey data quote
"According to a survey of more than 1,000 IT professionals nationwide conducted in March by Dimension Research, 50% said they were considering leaving Windows altogether rather than switch to Windows 7. Apple's Mac OS X was the system they are most likely to switch to."


These IT professionals would have to make the switch to Apple Macintosh computers, the only computers licensed to run the Mac OS X operating system.  Many organizations have already embraced Macs in the enterprise.  See the following article about the use of Macs at Cisco.  Apple's upcoming Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes out of the box support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 thereby making it easier for organizations to integrate Macs into their existing IT deployments.  I expect that many more organizations will embrace the Mac over the next few years as a result of the included Exchange support and growing use of the iPhone as an enterprise tool.  Apple is on the cusp of a major growth phase in the enterprise.

You can read the CNNMoney article in its entirety here.

2 Reader Comments

As Mac fun, I would be very glad to see it. Apple would have a lot of work to fullfill demand. But as you wrote "they were considering" so we will see what they will at the end do.

I case I could buy used Intel Mac for 200 USD I would ditch my refurbished Dells and run some apps in Virtual machine. I do not expect that here in the part of world Apple have forgotten anybody would bother with porting accounting and other old DOS Apps to Mac. With 1-3 % market share.... of new sold comps and mere 1 % user base.... We can wait 10 years at least for change.


Current Mac share is 9.67% (May 2009), not 1-3%. Also too, Apple owns 62% of the Plus $2000 PC market, so Apple is in great shape.

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