Steve Jobs: iLife '08 gives PC users "more reasons to switch"

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:02 AM on August 9, 2007 | Comments (2)
Embedded in Apple's Press Release announcing the release of iLife '08 was a quote from Apple CEO Steve Jobs that gives insight into what may be his vision for the award winning suite of digital lifestyle products.  Getting PC users to switch.

Apple published the following two quotes from Jobs:

  • “Apple has taken iLife ’08 to a new level that is years ahead of anything available for the PC”
  • “We think iLife ’08 gives Mac users even more reasons to love their Macs, and PC users even more reasons to switch.”

I find the phrase "more reasons" the most interesting.  According to Jobs, there are already reasons for people to make the switch, iLife '08 just makes the switch more compelling.  Overall, the quote is striking as it's one of the few times Jobs has used the word "switch" with respect to PCs and Mac.  It has been more common for Jobs and other Apple executives to have used the "New to Mac" phrase over the past couple of years.  Jobs and his executive team  have been reluctant to directly use the word "switch".  Just go back and listen to past earnings conference calls and other statements from Jobs and Apple execs.

In a June 2006 post titled "The Steve Jobs CNBC Interview and Apple's Revitalized Switch Campaign", I described how Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign was essentially a rebradning of Apple's prior switch campaign and how the company was using a long-term four wave approach to get PC users to make the switch.

So with Jobs "switch" statement now in hand, it begs the following questions:

  1. Have switchers been Jobs' focus all along?
  2. Has iLife been Apple's secret to getting Windows users to make the switch?

Of course we have all heard iPod "Halo Effect" to describe how many people have switched to a Mac after positive experiences with their iPods.  iPods aside, the iLife suite is simple to use and it's inclusion on all new Macs over the past several years has made the Mac a very appealing choice for computer buyers.  Thanks to iLife and it's seamless integration with Mac OS X and .Mac, a Mac is ready to use out of the box.

It's clear that that Apple has positioned the Mac as the platform for today's digital lifestyle.  So bring on the switchers!

You can read the iLife '08 press release here.

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2 Reader Comments

Adding Numbers to the iWork suite with its ability to open Excel files provides one less quibbling point to potential on-the-fence switchers.

I am ready to switch, the inclusion of iLife 08 was enough for my other half to agree. In general I think that the iMac is a more consumer ready product than the Microsoft offering.

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