Safari Market Share Rises 65 Percent Year-Over-Year

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By: switchtoamac at: 11:03 AM on July 5, 2006 | Comments (6)
According to Market Share, Apple computer's Safari Web browser has grown over 65 percent year-over-year between June 2006 and June 2005.  Safari still checks in at number three on Market Share's list of the most used browsers.

In June 2005, Safari's market share came in at 1.93 percent.  In June 2006, Safari's market share comes in at 3.19 percent. To view Safari's growth over the past year, click here.

I expect Safari to continue to grow as the number of Mac users is increasing.  Although Safari's market share declined slightly in May and June, I'm inclined to attribute the decline to the May release of the MacBook.  Consumers were delaying their purchases in May as they anticipated the release of the iBook replacement.  The mid May release (May 16, 2006) of the MacBook should explain the decrease.  By the end of 2006, we should see an even greater market share for Safari.

Because Safari is only available on Mac OS X, its growth can be used to demonstrate the growth in the Mac user base.  Safari's 65 percent rise year-over-year for June is a strong indication that number of Mac users is on the rise and a significant part of that growth can most likely be credited to switchers.

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6 Reader Comments

I hope the increased Safari use DOES reflect more Mac marketshare.

Unfortunatly, I disagree. IE was the primary browser for most Mac users until 10.2. Not every mac user gets the latest and greatest, and so those people who have 10.1 or 10.2 are probably still in a large number using IE. I worked an University for many years and witnessed this first hand...especially since helpdesk IT folks neglect the Mac users since they are a small number and often self sufficient.

I agree mac usage is increasing in many areas but I would like to see a study done on IE MacOSX usage compared with Safari and Firefox (the big 3 for the Mac) with a Z variable of MacOSX release number.


I wonder what percentage of Safari users are running a hackintosh? I have a feeling that explains much of the increase. I think that is good for Apple, though. They will convert a lot of those users to Macs at some point.

This growth doesn't include Macintosh users of Firefox or those people using Safari enhancement add-ons that trick servers into believing the surfer is using IE.

Also, the same market share site you refer to keeps track of BOTH Mac OS users AND Mac-Intel OS users. I would think this would be a more accurate assessment of market share. The Mac-Intel OS surfers have grown significantly every month since January. Add up both of these market share figures and the result for June was 4.28%.

What about Camino? Is there a way to track the usage of this? I don't use Safari as it asks for my keychain password every few minutes.

Yeah what about Camino. I rarely see stats for that. Hmm

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