Safari Market Share Continues Upward Trend Up 46 Percent

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By: switchtoamac at: 3:25 PM on September 2, 2006 | Comments (0)
According to Market Share, Apple computer's Safari Web browser continues to gain market share in the Internet browser arena.  Safari maintains its ranking as third most used browsers.

In August 2005, Safari's market share was 2.20 percent.  In August 2006, Safari's market share comes in at 3.21 percent. To view Safari's growth over the past year, click here.  The rise from 2.20 to 3.21 represents a year-over-year growth of 46 percent (rounded to the nearest whole percent) for the month of August.  In July 2006, Safari had a 3.18 percent market share.  Safari experienced a 0.94 percent increase in just one month.

As the number of Mac users continues to rise, so too will Safari's market share.  The continued uptrend is a clear indication that the Mac is gaining popularity.  Also note that Safari is only available on Mac OS X.  Safari's 46 percent rise year-over-year for August is a clear sign that the Mac user base is expanding.  This growth can be largely attributed to those who are new to Mac and to switchers. By the end of calender 2006, Safari will have a even greater market share, perhaps as high as 3.5 percent in my view.  I expect Mac sales to be off the charts during the upcoming 2006 holiday season and the increased sales will continue to fuel Apple's and Safari's growth.

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