Recent switcher: 'I'll bet my blood pressure dropped ten points'

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By: switchtoamac at: 8:00 PM on April 14, 2009 | Comments (0)
Here's another switch story to pass along.  Popgun's post titled, 'Microsoft Windows vs Apple OS X' describes that a return to Windows won't occur as long as Mac OS X is maintains its high quality.  Popgun's post starts out by acknowledging the recent Windows ads that target Macs.  The post then transitions to describe the switch.
Quotes of interest quotes from the post
"Even if it is true that Macs cost more, you are getting a lot more for your money. Nor do they mention that, since Apple provides both OS X and the hardware it runs on, the system integration is much better than on Windows machines - everything works very well together, since every piece of hardware was tested with the operating system."

"I switched to the Mac about the time Microsoft came out with Vista. I do use XP and Vista on several other machines, daily, and have since the advent of Windows; so I have the background to have a valid opinion."

"I'm not going back to Windows as long as OS X, and the software that runs on it, continues to be of the quality it is. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest thing for me personally is probably that OS X is so much more efficient to use, from my perspective. I can do more, in less time, and with lots less pain, on OS X than I can on any version of Windows to date."
"I'll bet my blood pressure dropped ten points when I switched to the Mac."
You can read the post in its entirety here.

Popgun's post is a perfect compliment to our post Apple's End-To-End Model Leads to Innovation and User Experience.  We encourage you to give it a read.

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