Q2 2007 Earnings: Mac portable sales up 79 percent year over year

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By: switchtoamac at: 5:16 PM on April 25, 2007 | Comments (3)
On Wednesday April 25, 2007, Apple Inc released financial results for its fiscal 2007 second quarter (Q2).  Portables accounted 891,000 of the 1.517 million Macs shipped during the quarter representing 58.7 percent of the total units.

Portable sales rise 79 percent
The key metric of the quarter from a Mac perspective was the 79 percent rise in year-over-year growth in portable Macs.  The 891,000 portables sold in Q2 2007 compared to 498,000 sold in Q2 2006.  It's clear that the MacBook and MacBook Pro are the models of choice for Mac buyers as portable continue to outsell desktops for the fourth straight quarter dating back to Q3 2006.

The Mac is clearly gaining market share, with sales growing 36 percent – more than three times the industry growth rate,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.  You can view Apple's 2006 Mac sales here.  Here's a look at Apple's Macintosh sales thus far Fiscal Year 2007:

Mac shipments drop 5.5 percent over Q1
Mac shipments fell by 5.5 percent versus Q1 2007, a quarter which registered 1,606,000 units.  We can only speculate why sales dropped over last quarter but should note that many professional buyers delayed purchases until the release of Adobe CS3.  The release was announced on March 27, 2007 and we will get more insight into the demand once Apple's Q3 2007 earnings are released, sometime during July 2007.  Many buyers and switchers have delayed purchasing a Mac as they await new models and the release of Leopard, Apple's next version of the Mac OS X operating system.  Apple recently announced that Leopard will be delayed until October 2007.

Ten straight quarters of 1 million Macs and counting
Q2 2007 marked the tenth straight quarter in which Apple shipped at least 1 million Macs, a trend that started in Q1 2005.  The following is a view of Macintosh sales over that period (click on the image for a larger view).  You can clearly see that 2007 has experienced a dip in Mac sales but sales will increase once new Mac models and Leopard are released.

I expect that the remainder of 2007 to be strong for Mac shipments and continue to expect total Mac shipments between 6,600,000 and 6,800,000 for the fiscal year, a prediction first made on October 19, 2006 .

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I WANT to buy a MacBook and dump my Dell Windows XP laptop. I publish a music website called The Rock and Roll Report and am planning a podcast and GarageBand is perfect for that BUT I keep hearing stories about the "crackbook" and problems with the MacBook not waking from sleep mode and battery issues and heat issues that I am hesitating.

I literally have the money in hand. I am just wondering if the Internet magnifies isolated issues or if I should wait for the next MacBook revision.



Thanks for posting your concerns and question. In my view the reports are "magnified". I've spoken to numerous people and MacBook users and the MAJORITY don't have issues. Having said that, the reports do demonstrate that some MacBooks are having problems. Apple recently acknowledged the battery problem.

If you're concerned and don't mind waiting, hold out for the next MacBook revision. There's no way to tell you when it will be released but I expect that we'll see a complete revamp of the Mac line prior to or during WWDC that kicks off on June 11.

My expectation will be that Apple will state that all the new models will be able to fully support the next version of Mac OS X, Leopard which is due to be released in October.

Good luck with your decision.


I was originally planning on holding off until WWDC because I thought they would release Leopard then so I think that would be a prudent thing to do.

Frustrating because I want it now! LOL

I'll be a switcher soon enough.

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