Princeton University Students Switch to and Embrace Macs

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By: switchtoamac at: 1:49 PM on October 18, 2006 | Comments (0)
In a Thursday, October 12, 2006 article, the Daily Princetonian describes that Mac purchases by Princeton University has risen dramatically over the past three years.  

The University's Office of Information Technology (OIT) calculated that 45 percent of on-campus computers purchased this year were Macs.  What's more striking is that in 2003, only 15 percent of on-campus computer purchases were Mac.  Those entering in 2003 are now seniors so the 2006 data is likely an indication that current high school student and college freshmen have begun to accept the Mac as their next computing platform.

In 2004, 25 of on-campus sales were Macs and increased to 38 percent in 2005.  The article states, "These statistics aren't comprehensive, because some students choose not to buy their computers through OIT. Nonetheless, the upward trend is real. Macs are where it's at."

The article also goes on describe how a significant percentage of faculty use Macs and that the percentage has increased.  The article the goes on to quote students after asking why Macs have become more popular to Princeton student.

U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Princeton University as the nation's top (#1) University, a distinction once given to Harvard.  Could it be that some of the nation's most gifted students have begun to realize that a Mac running OS X is the computing platform for today's lifestyle?

We can take this story as an isolated series of events at a given University or we may begin to ask if there is something bigger happening with today's students.  In my view, Macs are more likely to be embraced by today's students as they offer an ideal combination of security, ease of use, software, cutting-edge technology, and "coolness" factor.

A highly recommended read that can be found here.

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