PC Magazine reviews Mac OS X Leopard and says the latest update 'makes the strongest case yet for PC users to switch from Windows'

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:08 PM on February 20, 2008 | Comments (0)
In his review following the latest update of Mac OS X Leopard (version 10.5.2), Edward Mendelson makes a compelling reason why the Mac operating system gives Windows users the strongest reason to make the switch.  His review starts out by stating that Leopard is the best operating system available:
"Apple recently released its second update to OS X "Leopard," and the latest version of its shiny operating system is now numbered 10.5.2. When I reviewed Leopard two days after its initial release I called it the best operating system ever made for the vast majority of users. I think that's even more true now that 10.5.2 fixes some of the first-release glitches that annoyed me in 10.5 and in Apple's first, quick, bug-fix update 10.5.1. Whether this is the update that can prompt hesitating Windows users to switch to the Mac is another question that I'll get to in a moment."

Mendelson goes on to review the recent changes in Leopard's Stacks, Time Machine, and other applications.  His review concludes with the following:

"So, is it time for you to switch to a Mac, or at least add a Mac to your network? That depends. I buy a computer to run programs, not an operating system, so for me the most useful operating system is the one that runs the programs I need to use. The Mac has the advantage over Windows in just about every software category except word processing and spreadsheets. Word for Windows is smoother and more powerful than Word for the Mac, and for the times I need WordPerfect, Windows has that, too. The same applies to Excel: The Windows version outclasses the latest Mac version, which loses support for Visual Basic for Applications macro. If you're a Windows user who doesn't care much about word-crunching or number-crunching, though, it may be time to switch."

You can read the review in it's entirety here.

Switch To A Mac Commentary
I urge any Windows users who are contemplating the switch to read Mendelson's review.  Note the source, it's not coming from an Apple or Mac centric publication but rather a publication that has historically focused on Windows based PCs.

We'd like to highlight once again that Macs are the most versatile systems money can buy.  Not only can you run Mac OS X, you can run Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.  Mac OS X is built for today's Internet-based digital lifestyle.  It doesn't stop there, Apple's applications such as iLife, .Mac, iTunes, Mail, iCal (the list goes on) are all leveraged to give you a truly rewarding computing experience.

If you need to use a specific Windows based application you have two key options.  You can run it at native speed by booting your Mac into Windows thanks to Apple's Boot Camp software or run it in a virtualized Windows environment by using VMWare Fusion or Parallels.  If you're looking to get more value for your money, give some serious consideration to a Mac even if you run Windows.

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