New iPods before September 15, 2008? - will not eligible under the terms and conditions of the 2008 Back To School Promotion

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By: switchtoamac at: 1:27 PM on August 26, 2008 | Comments (0)

If you're a student thinking about buying a Mac and want a free iPod (nano or touch) via Apple's 2008 Back To School Promotion you may want to make your purchase by September 15.  If you've been paying attention to recent buzz you may have heard about potential iPod updates in the near future, perhaps as early as September 9, 2008.  According to the 2008 promotion Terms and Conditions, only existing iPod nano and iPod touch models are eligible for the rebate, any new iPod models released prior to September 15 won't be eligible.

From the Terms and Conditions (view PDF):
The iPod products listed below are eligible for participation in this offer. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS OFFER, BE CERTAIN THAT THE PRODUCT YOU PURCHASE HAS ONE OF THE APPLE PART NUMBERS LISTED BELOW.  IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN, PLEASE ASK YOUR SALESPERSON TO CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING A PRODUCT THAT IS ELIGIBLE UNDER THIS OFFER. Mac mini, 17-inch iMac, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod shuffle, iPod classic, 4GB iPod nano, and refurbished products are not eligible. The rebate amount is determined by the following table but will not exceed the amount paid for the qualifying iPod.

The eligible models and part numbers for 2008

2007 Back-To-School promotion - insight for 2008
Apple released new iPods on September 5, 2007, eleven days prior to the conclusion of the 2007 promotion.  Apple published an FAQ indicating that new iPods were excluded from the special.

If you're waiting to make your purchase because you're holding out for new iPods, you should take last year's events as an example.  Waiting out for new iPods and their inclusion into the 2008 promotion would be ill advised.  Therefore, you may want to buy your Mac and get your free iPod ASAP prior to any inventory shortages.

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