Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.1

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By: switchtoamac at: 7:34 PM on March 14, 2006 | Comments (3)
Microsoft today released Messenger for Mac 5.1, Microsoft's instant messaging software for Mac OS X. Version 5.1 includes a new brushed steel skin and allows users to commiunicate with Live Communications Server 2005. This new release includes support for Public IM.

"If your organization uses Live Communications Server 2005, you can chat with outside contacts on networks including Yahoo®, AOL®, AIM®, MSN® and iChat®."

Additional features include Global Address Look-up, Redesigned Preferences, Customizable Display Picture, Multiple File Transfers, Animated and Customized Emoticons and Encrypted file transfer when using LCS (Live Communication Server 2005).

3 Reader Comments

YAY I love messenger updates! lol that's the one thing that i hate about macs. but anywho yay! lol

Since apple came out with iChat i rarely use msn or yahoo to chat anymore they seem so insignificant compared to the features in iChat.

Adium is a great app for instant messaging on a Mac. Clean, simple and very customizable. It allows you to chat with a variety of different messenger clients.
For live audio chats, id recommend Skype since it is supported on Mac, PC, and Linux. The audio quality is great and very rarely cuts out even on a dial-up internet connection.

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