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By: switchtoamac at: 10:58 PM on April 11, 2006 | Comments (0)

Macworld has published some recent benchmarks of the new Boot Camp enabled Intel iMac and MacBook Pro running Windows XP Service Pack 2.   The tests had these system go head-to-head with a Dell Inspiron E1705 (Core Duo laptop), HP Compaq nx9420 (Core Duo laptop), and a HP Pavilion a1250n (Media Center Desktop).

Macworld stated the following:

"As you can see, the Macs running Windows gave these PCs a run for their money, with the 2.16GHz MacBook Pro turning in the fastest scores on three of the five individual tests. The build-to-order MacBook configuration also tied the 2.16GHz HP Compaq in the sixth test, involving Roxio VideoWave"

What I'd like to point out is that 2.16GHZ  Apple MacBook Pro had the second fastest score for the WorldBench 5 test and the Windows Media Encoder 9 test.

These tests demonstrate that it is becoming easier to conduct hardware comparisons between Macs and PCs.  The PowerPC and x86 processor variable no longer exists.  It's a great read for those interested in comparing the performance of the new Macs against PCs.  Note that the Mac mini Core Duo was excluded from the testing.

Boot Camp will likely accelerate Mac sales and Apple should see market share gains as Windows compatibility will encourage people to make the switch.

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