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By: switchtoamac at: 11:15 AM on May 15, 2006 | Comments (0)

Two recent polls/surveys have been released by Macworld UK and Macworld.  The Macworld UK article details a poll that asked readers to share their views about people making the Switch.  A few quotes from the article:

"In a recent poll, we asked readers what they thought would drive Windows user to switch to the Mac. Over a third of the 1,992 readers who voted in the poll thought that being able to run Windows on a Mac would be critical to convincing switchers to go Mac (753 votes, 38 per cent)"

"Readers also believe that Apple's 'great products' would drive the switch, with 321 voters (16 per cent) of voters opting for this choice. The move to Intel is seen as a driver for change by 8 per cent of respondents (162 votes)."

"Word of mouth is the biggest factor in triggering switching, just as word of mouth was the biggest factor that triggered the iPod revolution."

The Macworld article details a survey that current Mac users are adopting the new Intel based Macs as well as Boot Camp.  A few quotes from the article:

"Most active Mac users intend to buy Intel-based Macs in the next year, with plans to run Windows software alongside Mac OS X, according to a survey of Macworld readers."

"12 percent of respondents already own an Intel-based Mac. More significantly, among the 1,654 respondents who have yet to buy an Intel Mac, 67 percent described themselves as likely to do so in the next 12 months.

"Thirty-nine percent of current owners of Intel-based Macs say they’ve either installed or are planning to install Boot Camp, which lets users install and run Windows XP on Macs with Intel processors. Would-be Intel-based Mac owners are even more enthusiastic about Boot Camp -- —60 percent say they plan to install it once they buy their new hardware."

"Among Intel-based Mac owners, 47 percent said they had installed or were planning to install some form of virtualization software. That compares to 32 percent of potential Intel-based Mac owners."

"A majority of the panelists also concluded that the ability to run Windows software on Mac hardware will have a positive impact on the Mac market"


Prior posts on switchtoamac included statements about Switchers, Boot Camp, and future Mac sales:

The article titled, “Macs - Boot Camp - Market Share - Switchers" stated the following about Boot Camp:

"Boot Camp should lure Windows users who have contemplated purchasing a Mac but have held out for the sole reason of not being able to use some of their Windows programs.  Macs have now become more appealing to any Windows user considering the switch"

The poll data from Macworld UK demonstrates that other people share those views.  I would like to see data that surveys current PC owners to see how they view Boot Camp’s ability to enable Windows to run on Intel Macs.

The article titled, "New To Mac - 50 Percent of New Macs to Switchers" stated the following about Boot Camp and current Mac owners who have not purchased Intel based Macs:

"Ultimately, Boot Camp will remove reservations that current Windows users have historically had about making the switch."

"Apple will experience a wave of buying from current Mac users who have not made a purchase of an Intel based Mac.  This is especially true for those who currently own PowerMacs and iBooks as these models have not been transitioned."

The Macworld survey validates the view that current PowerPC Mac owners intend to purchase new Intel based Macs.

The article titled, "Macs are Faster - Benchmarking - Virtualization Technology - Increased Market Share" stated the following about virtualization technology:

"My belief is that Apple intends to appeal to a larger segment of the consumer base in an effort to increase its market share and the way to do that is to allow both OS X and Windows to run on Macs simultaneously."

The Macworld survey demonstrates that people are interested in virtualization technology that allows simultaneous operation of multiple operating systems.


Wrap Up

Boot Camp’s ability to configure an Intel Mac to boot into Windows will lead people to the Mac.  Boot Camp should act as a gateway to the Mac that should drive users to the platform which in turn, should expand the Mac user base resulting in increased market share.  The survey from Macworld validates the view that a wave of buying should result once current Mac users begin to buy Intel based Macs.  The wave should strengthen once Intel revisions to the iBook and PowerMac are announced.  Furthermore, I believe that Apple is using Boot Camp to gauge user's interest with running multiple operating systems at the same time.  I expect to see virtualization included in an upcoming version Apple's operating system, perhaps as early as 10.5 Leopard.

The recent survey data included in the referenced Macworld UK and Macworld articles validate statements and views previously published on this site.

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