MacNewsWorld: Mac OS X vs. Windows - 'Mac OS X is gaining favor'

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By: switchtoamac at: 2:57 PM on April 17, 2009 | Comments (0)
In an article for MacNewsWorld, Jack M. Germain describes the different histories of Apple's Mac operating system and Microsoft's Windows operating system.  Germain highlights that the two operating systems had and continue to have differing goals.  The article also calls out major differences as well as similarities between the two operating systems.
Key statements from the article
"Ever since they started in the '80s, Apple's Mac operating system and Microsoft's Windows have followed different paths to attaining different goals. Windows went after market share; Mac focused on a seamless user experience. Beneath the superficial surface features, what are the real core differences between the two operating systems?"

"Mac OS X is gaining favor among a growing number computer users. What is it that makes up the real difference between OS X and Windows? The long answer goes well beyond the Dock, the Start Button, or other obvious surface features and appearance details that any user can easily see at first glance."

"From these entwined origins, the two systems embarked on different paths and gathered families of followers either born into the fold or converted to it. For instance, Apple has emphasized the seamless integration of software and hardware, as well as a core focus on graphical feedback. Windows was designed as a licensed product to run on thousands of different computer models produced by dozens of companies around the world"

"Mac OS X has a restrained, coolly calculating soul that effectively handles its business, though perhaps doesn't always tell you about everything on its mind. As a human, Mac OS X would be an efficient, dedicated concierge that smoothly does his job, albeit with an air of quiet superiority. Windows has an aggressive, do-it-all soul, but often huffs and puffs to remind you it's working hard (even if it's for your benefit). As a human, Windows would be a sweaty middle manager stomping around the office"

The article is broken down as follows:
  • Close Birth
  • Soul Differences
  • Designed Distinctions
  • Growth Spurts
  • Sensitivity Training
  • How Good Is Too Good?
  • What's the Diff?
  • The Roots of Design
  • Soul Survivors
You can read the article in full here.

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