Mac Television Ads Next Week, MacBook Release?

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By: switchtoamac at: 2:26 PM on April 28, 2006 | Comments (3)

According to a story from CNEt Apple will be unveiling a new advertising campaign next week focused on the Mac.  The following are quotes from the CNet story:

  • "Apple Computer is planning on hitting the airwaves with ads geared around the Mac next week, CEO Steve Jobs said Thursday at the company's annual meeting."
  • "Jobs expects Mac sales to grow" 

In my view, it would make sense for Apple to have Macs across their entire line available for sale if this news is indeed true.  It's possible that the new ad campaign will coincide with the release of the iBook replacement, expected to be called the MacBook.  The iBook and the PowerMac are the only current Macs (with the exception of the XServ) that have not been transitioned to Intel processors.  I would expect Apple to have available, as many models as possible if they were to initiate a television advertising campaign.  Apple most recently aired Mac television ads in January 2006 following the release of the first Intel based Macs, the iMac and the MacBook Pro.

I've long been an advocate of Apple releasing Mac ads especially on television.  My view is that Apple should demonstrate to the masses that Macs are the systems for today's Digital Lifestyle.  I'd like to see Apple state that Macs offer a compelling value, ease of use, and level of satisfaction that are not found on any other platform.  I think that Apple should take the opportunity to capitalize on its growing popularity and market share gains.  Apple should demonstrate making the switch is now easier than ever and that a Macintosh running OS X is computing platform for today and most importantly, the future.

3 Reader Comments

"a Macintosh running OS X is computing platform for today and most importantly, the future."

I couldn't have said that statement any better!

I hope the iBook replacement is released soon. I've held out replacing my current iBook ever since the Intel announcement. I'd really like to get a new system but I don't need a MacBook Pro.

iBook to change name to MacBook ? Please don't change the name. iBook is a nice name, and people might get confused between a MacBook and MacBook Pro. If the Intel iBook (MacBook) were to be released this year, I would not buy it until next year, when the Mac OS X Leopard is released. I'm switching from PC to Mac.

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