Mac Box Set now available - Amazon offers $20 discount (updated)

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:59 AM on January 27, 2009 | Comments (0)

With the availability of iLife '09 commencing today from Apple and several Apple authorized resellers, Apple has updated the status of the Mac Box Set from 'Ships: January' to 'Ships: Within 24hrs'.  With the Mac Box Set, buyers can get iLife '09, iWork '09, and Mac OS X Leopard, in a single box. 

mac_box_set.pngMac Box Set
The Mac Box Set is a package offering that bundles the following Apple software:
  • Mac OS X v10.5.6 Leopard operating system
  • iLife '09, featuring the new iPhoto '09, iMovie '09, GarageBand '09, iWeb '09, and iDVD
  • iWork '09, Apple's productivity suite for home and office including Pages '09, Numbers '09, and Keynote '09
Apple is offering the Mac Box Set for $169 (US), customers can purchase it immediately from Apple.  If purchased separately the prices of the software are $129 for Mac OS X, and $79 each for iLife '09 and iWork '09.  Therefore, the retail price of the Mac Box Set offers buyers a $118 saving via the bundle, or in other words, a 41 percent savings versus buying the titles separately.

Amazon offers $20 discount
If buyers are willing to wait for Amazon to announce availability, a $20 Pre-order discount brings the Mac Box Set down to $149, a 12 percent discount off the $169 retail price.  At $149, buyers save 48 percent off via the bundle versus purchasing the software separately.  Furthermore, the $149 price is cheaper than purchasing iLife '09 and iWork '09 at their respective $79 retail price.  Thus, it's a no-brainer to buy the Mac Box Set as you save $9 and get a copy of Mac OS X.  The only downside is that you'll have to wait until Amazon announces availability.

Update: Amazon now shows that the Mac Box Set is "In Stock".

Mac Box Set System Requirements
  • Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
  • 512MB of RAM; 1GB recommended
  • High-definition video requires at least 1GB of RAM.
  • Approximately 14GB of available disk space
  • DVD drive required for installation
  • QuickTime 7.5.5 or later (included)
  • iMovie requires an Intel-based Mac, Power Mac G5 (dual 2.0GHz or faster), or iMac G5 (1.9GHz or faster)
  • Burning DVDs requires an Apple SuperDrive or compatible third-party DVD burner.
  • GarageBand Learn to Play requires an Intel-based Mac with a dual-core processor or better
  • iChat requires a compatible camera. Video chatting requires a broadband Internet connection
  • AVCHD video requires a Mac with an Intel Core Duo processor or better.
  • 24-bit recording in GarageBand requires a Mac OS X-compatible audio interface with support for 24-bit audio.
  • Some features require Internet access and/or MobileMe
  • iPhoto print products are available in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and select countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Flickr service is available only in select countries.

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