Leading PC Centric Publications Give Positive Reviews to Macs

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:15 PM on October 6, 2006 | Comments (2)
If you are considering a new iMac from Apple Computer or are contemplating making the switch to a Mac, point your browsers to a few must see reviews from leading PC centric publications.  These reviews shed light on Apple's new 24 inch iMac and Mac Pro computers.

PC Magazine
PC Magazine is no stranger to Windows user.  In their September 20, 2006 review of Apple's 24-inch iMac, the publication gives a 4.5 out of 5 rating and the respected Editors’ Choice Rating.  Joel Santo Domingo writes:

"If you need a high-powered all-in-one PC or replacement desktop, look no further than the new 24-inch Apple iMac."

"The 24-inch iMac also runs Boot Camp Beta, just like other Intel-based Macs. Windows on the iMac is as snappy as I expected, with initial numbers that are pretty good. The iMac provides a much better gaming platform with Win XP, since Doom 3 for Windows runs natively on the Intel platform. With Boot Camp, the iMac turned in a stellar 127 fps at 1,024-by-768 on Doom 3"

Computer World
Computer World, another familiar name in the PC sector headlined their September 20, 2006 review of the iMac with Hands on: The 24-in. iMac -- talk about a wow factor, Ken Mingis writes:

"And if you haven't seen the 24-in. iMac, I can tell you, it's really big. And with a screen resolution of 1,920 by 1,200 pixels, it's perfect for working with graphics and video in a way that makes smaller computers seem downright puny."

"Apple also updated the former top-of-the-line 20-in. iMac, and dropped the price on it to $1,499. If you don't need 24 inches of screen real estate, this is the best buy in my book."

"Indeed, the new iMac feels subjectively faster in terms of surfing the Web with Safari, editing photos in iPhoto or working with other universal applications that have been updated to run natively on Intel-based Macs."

"So, if I were in the market for an iMac, is this one the I'd get? Given my penchant for computing speed and size, I'd have to say yes."

PC Pro
In their October 5, 2006 article titled, Apple Mac Pro is crowned the fastest "PC" in the UK, David Fearon writes:

"The quad-core Apple Mac Pro has set new records in PC Pro's benchmarks, in the UK's first independent speed test of the latest Intel-based Mac"

"The Mac Pro is fitted with two of the top-end workstation-orientated Xeon CPUs. This effectively makes it a quad-core machine, and it's fabulously fast for CPU-intensive tasks, as long as the application in question is able to use them all."

"The machine achieved record-breaking speeds in our multiple-applications test, where we run demanding tasks in Microsoft Office, Photoshop and a music decoder simultaneously, so keeping all four cores constantly busy. The result was almost three times faster than the reference Pentium D-based computer that PC Pro's labs test scores are based on."

Switch To A Mac Commentary
Having come from historically PC and Windows centric publications, the reviews demonsrate that Apple's switch to Intel processors has not only made it easier to compare Macs to their PC counterparts but also sheds light onto Apple's excellent hardware engineering and system design.

2 Reader Comments

I am considering switching to a Mac.I am in germany right now but i want the english keyboard for the Mac that i am planning to buy!..seems that would be difficult with the note(mac)books which is why i have chosen the Macmini..(so i can connect an english keyboard)yet i have a doubt whether the OS packaged along will have english language support or is it completely german?Also i would be happy if you could provide me solution for the keyboard problem for the macbook then i would go for it.Thanks.


Thanks for posting your question. Sorry, I can't provide an answer for your question because I can't read and understand German. I went to the German Apple Store but couldn't understand what was listed. I recommend that you call Apple to get your questions answered. Good luck with your purchase.

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