Japanese Bank Makes the Switch

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By: switchtoamac at: 1:26 AM on April 12, 2006 | Comments (0)
A Reuters article states that Aozora Bank Ltd, a Bank based in Japan, is making the switch from Windows to Mac and OS X.  The company has asked Apple to replace close to 2,500 its computers with Macs.  The deployment spans the enterprise from computers in its main office, to its data center and branch locations.  The deal makes Aozora Bank Apple's largest customer in the in financial sector.  In the article, Reuters reports that Aozora will use Macs for email, video-conferencing, in addition to document and data processing.

Bill Chute, Aozora's chief technology officer is quoted as stating the following:

"The question for us was how to simplify the environment and bring it forward 15 years in one jump"
"The Mac's ease of use, reputation for security and flexible UNIX-based platform prompted the switch from Windows"

The article also quotes Brian Croll, a senior marketing director at Apple, as stating:

"It has attracted a whole new set of customers that we'd never really talked to before. We're dealing with government agencies, science and technology firms, even trucking companies."

The deal lends credence that Macs and OS X can appeal to enterprises.  The agreement with Aozora may provide Apple with the means it needs to make further in-roads with business customers.

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