iPhone 'Currently Unavailable' at the U.S. online Apple Store, could the rumor we published in April about a May 3G iPhone release be true?

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By: switchtoamac at: 8:06 PM on May 10, 2008 | Comments (2)
The U.S. (and U.K.) online Apple Stores are currently sold out of the 8GB and 16GB iPhones showing a status of 'Currently Unavailable'.  This is interesting news as it may give more weight to the rumor we published on April 21, 2008 that Apple may release the 3G iPhone in May and then announce a new device at June's WWDC event.

The May release rumor
In that article we stated the we received a tip that Apple will be announce the 3G iPhone sometime in May and then a new product at WWDC 2008.  You can read the post about the 3G iPhone and the potential "new" device announcement at WWDC in its entirety here.  If the rumor is true, we would be the only outlet that has pointed out the possibility of a May release.

Recent iPhone supply issues
Over the past few weeks, the shipping time for the 8GB and 16GB iPhone models posted at the Apple has varied from 24 hours to upwards of seven days.  Furthermore, many Apple retail store visitors have described iPhone shortages over this same time period.  European carriers and resellers  in the UK and Germany have also demonstrated availability issues recently.

It has been expected that Apple will introduce the next-generation iPhone at the 2008 Worldwide Developer's Conference slated for June.  However, today's lack of iPhones at the U.S. online store may point to the possibility of a release prior to the June event.  We bring this up as no stock on hand for upwards of a month does not seem to be a strategy that Apple would endorse.  Perhaps it is just a short term supply disruption but make no mistake, the next generation iPhone will be released soon.

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What do you think the possibilities of a 15" MacBook Air would be? I love it but the 13" screen is just too small for me...

Where are you going to school if you don't mind me asking? I'm starting an MBA in the fall...

Potential Switcher,

I don't think Apple will release a 15" MacBook Air anytime soon as it is strategically targeted to a specific group of users. With 3 distinct portable lines each geared towards the needs of different target market segments Apple is meeting the benefits of the vast array of users types.

- The MacBook Air was released for the mobile user including business travelers and SOME students (who can afford it!)
- The MacBook is geared towards users who need a portable but who don't have the needs served by the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air
- The MacBook Pro is geared towards the power user, graphic artist, video editor gamer, and for those who don't mind spending more than the MacBook

You'll have to make your decision on how you expect to use your Mac. My advice is to get what meets your use case the best.

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