InfoWorld asks if it is 'Time to dump Windows?'

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:49 PM on February 20, 2008 | Comments (0)
In a February 17, 2008 article posted at InfoWorld, Galen Gruman discusses if it's time to leave Windows for Mac OS X or Linux.

Gruman begins by highlighting that many Windows users would like for Redmond to keep Windows XP available for purchase due to Vista's lackluster acceptance in the market:

"InfoWorld's 'Save XP' petition asking Microsoft to keep Windows XP available indefinitely, not end most sales on June 30 as currently planned, has prompted many readers to suggest that maybe the best answer for those who don't like Vista is to switch to another operating system completely,"

Gruman goes on to discuss the Mac under a section titled "The Mac OS X option"

"Of the plausible alternatives to Windows, Apple's Mac OS X has the largest market share and history. InfoWorld chief technologist Tom Yager has written that the latest version of the Mac OS, Leopard (10.5), is simply the best operating system available. And Macs are indeed popping up more frequently even within IT circles -- I've seen more MacBook Pros in the hands of CTOs and IT execs at conferences in the past year more than I've seen Mac notebooks in such venues ever. Although there are no real numbers on just the business adoption of Macs, it's clear that Apple is in growth mode, gaining an increasing proportion of all new computer sales for more than a year now."

"InfoWorld's Yager has chronicled the adventures of one PC user who switched to the Mac OS, showing that for an individual, the conversion was ultimately a rewarding one. The TechWeb site has also provided a good guide on how to make the switch to Mac OS X."

"A key tool for any Mac OS X switcher is a virtual machine to run Windows for those apps and Web sites that require it. Both Parallels Desktop 3.0 and EMC VMware's Fusion software will do the trick, as InfoWorld's comparative review has shown."

Switch To A Mac Commentary
The article also discusses "The Linux option".  We would like to highlight that Linux has failed to build a significant non-commercial user base whereas the number of Mac OS X users is growing at a brisk pace.  We've outlined Mac OS X growth in our Market Share area.  Please read our article OS Wars - 81% of Windows market share loss went to Mac OS X for concrete evidence that those who leave Windows tend to switch to Mac not Linux.

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