InfoWorld: Apple's Nehalem Xserve serves the need for speed

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By: switchtoamac at: 2:20 PM on June 3, 2009 | Comments (0)

In a June 2, 2009 article posted at InfoWorld, Tom Yager highlights the performance and power efficiency of Apple's Xserve server.  Yager begins his article by noting the Xserve's ranking, quality, engineering, durability when he states:

"From the start, Apple's Xserve has ranked best-in-class in build quality, engineering, durability, and serviceability among 1U x86 rack servers. The newest Xserve, redesigned around Intel's Nehalem Xeon quad-core CPU, adds performance to the list of Xserve's leadership criteria. Nehalem Xserve is very likely the fastest, most energy-efficient, and most cost-effective dual-socket 1U rack server on the market."
The article also states the following:
"Apple's Nehalem Xserve packs more into one rack unit than any other server. For one price, you get a best-in-class server and a commercial Unix OS with unlimited client licenses, plus a foolproof management GUI. The 2.26GHz eight-core model outguns and out-greens the original 3GHz, eight-core Harpertown Xserve if you fill it with RAM."
The article is subsequently broken down into the following sections:
  • It starts with Nehalem
  • Ecofriendly -- to a point
  • Deal or no deal?
The article wraps up with a Pros, Cons, and Cost table.  You can read the article in its entirety here.

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