Google Launches Google Mac Blog

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:11 PM on October 10, 2006 | Comments (0)
On Monday October 9, 2006, Google launched a new Mac centric blog named "Google Mac Blog".  The blog is focused on keeping Mac users up to date with developments within Google as they relate to the Mac.

In their first post, Scott Knaster and Rose Yao describe the "Google mission statement" and how the company is focused on making products that all can use, including software for Mac users.  They go on to state:

"We want to provide great products and services to the tens of millions of Mac users around the world, because it's the right thing to do, and because Mac users inside and outside Google demand it. That's why we've recruited some of the best, most passionate Mac people out there for a Mac Engineering team."

The post links to the Google Software Downloads for Mac page.  Current software available:

  • Google Notifier
  • Google Toolbar
  • Google SketchUp
  • Picasa Web Albums Uploader
  • Google Earth
  • Google Widgets

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