Get Ready for the iPhone "Mobo Effect" - the new Halo Effect

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By: switchtoamac at: 8:48 PM on June 28, 2007 | Comments (1)
So we're finally on the cusp of the iPhone launch.  Starting tomorrow, June 29, 2007 at 6pm EST, Apple's highly anticipated and much-hyped iPhone will be available for purchase.  Get Ready for the iPhone "Mobo Effect".

In a post at the Switch To A Mac blog (no longer published) I made a reference to a phrase I coined called the "Mobo Effect".  I coined the phrase after the popular "iPod Halo Effect".  It was September 7, 2005, the day Apple and Motorola launched the first mobile phone with iTunes installed, the Motorola Rokr. Here's what I stated in the post titled "Get Ready for the "Mobo Effect"

"The iPod generated what is known as the "iPod Halo Effect", the idea that the popularity and strong sales of iPods to Windows PC owners translated into increased Mac sales. There has been anecdotal evidence to suggest that the "iPod Halo Effect" does indeed exist.

With the release of the Rokr iTunes enabled phone from Apple and Motorola, Apple is demonstrating that they want iTunes to be ubiquitous. I expect the Rokr E1 phone to expose more people to Apple products for the first time specifically, iTunes. This in turn should translate into people purchasing their first Mac. I say this will generate a "Mobile Halo Effect" or as I call it, the "Mobo Effect" (yes, I just coined the phrase) in the not too distant future."

Ok, so the Rokr and subsequent iTunes capable phones were not very successful.  As we look back on that time in the context of the iPhone we can clearly see Apple's vision.  Apple was using those phones as a testbed for an Apple mobile phone.  The iPhone will fundamentally change how we use mobile devices.  The revolution starts on June 29, 2007.

We've been subject to iPhone hype and buzz since Macworld 2007.  More recently however, reviews, commentary, and talk about the AT&T network have been the focus of discussion.  My focus is squarely on how the iPhone will impact the Mac and Mac OS X.

So what will the iPhone do for the Mac?
In my view, it will give many their very first OS X experience although not in its traditional form.  The iPhone uses OS X, the same operating system that runs on Apple's Macintosh computers.  I anticipate that after using and seeing the iPhone in action, many people will be tempted to check out a Mac.  Yes, that means Windows users.

In the short term, iPhone buzz, hype, and the "gotta have it" mentality will allow the iPhone to penetrate the market.  Apple having learned from it's iPod supply problems is well positioned to meet iPhone demand.  They won't mess this up as they've had more than six months to prepare for the launch.

In the long term, the perception of Apple as a niche company will continue to deteriorate.  The end result will be evident on Apple's bottom line as Macintosh sales will accelerate.  The iPhone will help the Mac continue to grow across various consumer and business segments with the end result showing increased Mac adoption in both the household and enterprise.

Total User Experience

Apple's integrated end-to-end model and proven track record of integrating hardware and software (1. Mac and Mac OS X  2. iPod and iTunes) is now applied to the iPhone and OS X.  An integrated easy-to-use user experience is what today's customer demands.  Apple fully understands this shift and is the only company suited to deliver the complete user experience to customers.  Computer users, music lovers, and now mobile phone users can now experience Apple's compelling, complete, and refined total user experience.

The next phase of Apple ecosystem is in place.  The iPhone will not only fuel but also accelerate the Mac expansion.  You can bet on it.

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I agree, the iPhone will get many people to consider a Mac or at least check one out.

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