Financial Post: 'Switchover less daunting than many expect'

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By: switchtoamac at: 1:42 PM on March 9, 2009 | Comments (0)
In an article geared for business Danny Bradbury writing for Financial Post describes how more firms are embracing Macs.  In the article titled 'Mac catching firms' eyes', Bradbury provides an example of Overlay.TV, a Ottawa, Canada based firm that has embraced Mac use within the firm.  He also provides information on Apple's Boot Camp as well as virtualization applications for the Mac.
Overlay.TV is a startup firm that allowed its employees to select the computer of their choice.  The article states:

"Overlay.TV gave its employees the option to choose the computers they want to use -- an approach that is becoming increasingly common for firms that want to retain employees by making them happy with their working tools and environment."
An employee of Overlay.TV John Duff, is quoted in the article.  He describes his switch from a Lenovo notebook to a MacBook Pro.  Noteworthy quotes from Duff's quotes in the article:

"One of the things that made me think about switching was that I'd have a lot of problems with Windows. I'd get blue screens [which sometimes occur in the event of a computer crash] on a brand new Lenovo laptop once in a while,"

"There were a few people who did have Macs, and they had nowhere near as many problems with blue screens and so on,"

"They could leave them running for days on end, whereas if I left mine running for more than a day without a restart, I was looking for trouble."
The article also quotes Barry Grist, chief executive of the company Likewise, a firm whose specialized software helps firms integrate Macs into Windows-based networks.  Grist is quoted with the following comment:

"Apple is a shining example of the consumerization of the enterprise,"
The article goes on to describe Boot Camp, Apple's software that allows users to boot their Macs into Microsoft Windows.  The article also makes mention of VMware Fusion and Parallels, virtualization software that allows Mac users to run Mac OS X alongside with other operating systems including Windows.  There's also a tidbit on Cross Over Mac, a Mac OS X application that allows you to run some Windows programs on a Mac without Windows.

It's an interesting read, be sure to check it out here.

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