eWeek: The Mac's Stealthy Return into the Enterprise

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By: switchtoamac at: 4:54 PM on March 13, 2007 | Comments (0)
David Morgenstern, in an article for eWeek starts off with the following: "Apple could be waiting for the release of Mac OS X Leopard to tout its credentials for business customers. But Windows switchers appear to be raising the Mac flag already in the enterprise."

The article goes on to describe the increase in the number of Macs at Cisco, the San Jose California based tech giant.  From Morgenstern article:

"a technical engineer at Cisco, who declined attribution, offered a different picture of Mac adoption in the enterprise. He said Cisco's IT department officially supports Windows, a version of Linux and Solaris.

"However, if you start attending meetings in any conference room within any Cisco building, you would begin to question just how official things are. There is a growing group of individuals, from sales to engineering to marketing that have abandoned Windows for good,"

"He said while Macs are officially discouraged, Cisco often allows its employees to buy a Mac instead of leasing a PC. Employees present a special circumstance to support the purchase of a Mac."

"He said there were "visible productivity improvements" by Mac users over Windows users within organizations at the company. This was helping to drive switchers."

"The advantages to engineering is especially great. PC users are getting frustrated with Mac users as many engineering call flows, architectural diagrams, etc. are being whipped up in no time with [The Omni Group's] OmniGraffl.e [Microsoft Office] Visio is nowhere as fast to work with," he continued."

"For the usual daily application and OS support within the organization, the company's Mac community has banded together, creating a wiki page on the best practices for the Cisco setting."

An interesting read.

Switch To A Mac Commentary
The article mentions that the Cisco IT department doesn't support Macs so if an issue arises, it's up to the employee to get support.  The fact that this isn't discouraging people from getting a Mac speaks loud and clear that Cisco's employees would rather have a Mac with no support than a Windows PC with support.  Interesting huh?

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