Did Apple's Response to a French bill indirectly hint at a Movie Download Service?

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By: switchtoamac at: 2:53 PM on March 22, 2006 | Comments (1)

Apple Computer responsed to the effort by French lawmakers aimed at forcing the company to open iPods and Tunes to work with competing digital media products.  Did Apple's statement hint at a Movie download service?

I find the following from the Apple statement quite interesting:

"Free movies for iPods should not be far behind in what will rapidly become a state-sponsored culture of piracy."

As I read that, I was inclined to intrepret the statement to mean that Apple would oppose "free movies" on iPods. If that's the case, is this an indication that Apple is on the path of a movie download service and a true Video iPod? Apple has not indicated if they will offer such a service, but the sentence from their statement could mean that the service is planned.

You can view the story and excerpts at the BBC website.

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Hello. I am writing this comment as a reply to one of your posts to MacWorld because your contact link in this website is not activated. I have an iPod story you may like. The other day I was sitting by a pool working (wirelessly) on my iBook G4 (recently replaced by a MBP) when I overheard an unfortunate child of a PC user telling her mom: "Look mom, that lady is using an iPod computer". Now I am really sad that iPods are not coming in aluminum because I may never hear a coment like that again, anyhow I am sure that in 4 years iPods will be one of E's 101 Reasons the 2000s ruled!

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