April 2007 - Apple Mac OS Market Share at 6.21 percent - Returns to Growth

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By: switchtoamac at: 5:29 AM on May 1, 2007 | Comments (3)
Reversing its first market share decline since June 2006, Apple's Mac OS market share returned to growth in April 2007 as it rose to 6.21, up from the 6.08 percent from the prior month.  The market share data in this report has been obtained from market research firm Net Applications (Market Share).

Based on the data, the following observations can be made:

Percent Increases

  • Up 38.3 percent since April 2006
  • Up 76.4 percent since April 2005, the month Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 was launched

The 38 percent year-over-year increase for April 2007 continues to demonstrate a slowdown in the year-over-year growth since February 2007.  You can see the declines in the chart below in green.  The following is a view of Apple's Mac OS market share month by month for calender year 2007.  Note that Net Applications splits Mac operating system data into two groups, Mac OS and MacIntel.  MacIntel represents Intel builds of the Mac OS X operating system.  The April 2007 data can be viewed here.

Observe that Mac OS comes in at 3.89 percent operating system share a decline from the 3.94 percent in March while MacIntel has risen to 2.32 percent, up from March's 2.14 percent.  The April 2007 Mac OS data, representing PowerPC builds of Mac OS X continue to follow the declines first seen in the February 2007 data as April demonstrated a 1.3 percent decline.  You can click on each image for an independent view:

Mac OS X Intel Posts 8.4 Percent Increase from March 2007

Net Applications' data demonstrates that Mac OS X Intel experienced a 8.4 percent increase from the prior month as it's market share rose from 2.14 percent to 2.32 percent.  The increase was well above the 2.4 increase from the preceding month.

Although below the February and January numbers, April marked the return to operating system market share growth reversing the decline observed during March 2007.

About Market Share
The following is taken from the Net Applications site:
"This data provides valuable insight into significant trends for internet usage.  These statistics include monthly information on key statistics such as browser trends (e.g. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox market share), search engine referral data (e.g. Yahoo vs. MSN vs. Google traffic market share) and operating system share.

We use a unique methodology for collecting this data.  We collect data from the browsers of site visitors to our exclusive on demand network of small to medium enterprise live stats customers.  The sample size for these sites is more than 40,000 urls and growing.  The information published is an aggregate of the data from this network of hosted website statistics.  The site unique visitor and referral information is summarized on a monthly basis"


3 Reader Comments

I appreciate this information, and I am glad to see Apple gain. However, this is not a measure of Market Share. Market share is in sales numbers. This is an estimation of installed user base.

All these statistics reflect is the fact most businesses have windows pcs installed. More and more employees, like myself (a devoted Mac person), use the internet while at work, both for business and personal use, and we are forced to use Windows pc's and internet explorer because that is what is intalled at our place of work. Any Mac OS internet usage is most likely from users at home, before and after work, or by users like students who use macs during the day. I would like to see some statistic of internet usage by computer OS during non-business hours. I suspect the Mac OS share would increase during this period.

Interesting that Vista already has a 3.02% share which beats out MacIntel at 2.32 and is slightly behind Mac OS with 3.89.

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