Apple's Q2 2007 Financial Earnings - 1.517 Million Macs Sold

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By: switchtoamac at: 3:20 PM on April 25, 2007 | Comments (0)
On Wednesday April 25, 2007, Apple Inc released financial results for its fiscal 2007 second quarter (Q2).  Apple sold a total of 1.517 million Macs during the quarter representing 36 percent growth in Macs versus the year ago quarter.

1.517 Million Macs Sold

The breakdown of Mac shipments type was as follows:
  • Portables sales: 891,000
  • Desktop sales: 626,000
Note that portables include the MacBook, iBook, MacBook Pro and PowerBook product lines. Desktops include the iMac, eMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, PowerMac and Xserve product lines.

Mac Unit Breakdowns by Region and Operating Segment:
  • Americas: 494,000
  • Europe: 316,000
  • Japan: 82,000
  • Retail: 154,000
  • Other Segments: 66,000
Key Metrics from the Quarter:
  • Shipments of 1,517,000 Macintosh computers, a 36.4 percent increase in units compared to the year-ago quarter (2006)
  • Down from the 1,606,000 sold last quarter (Q1 2007)
  • Portables sales: up 79 percent compared to the year ago quarter
  • Desktop sales: up 2 percent compared to the year ago quarter
  • International sales accounted for 43 percent of the quarter's total revenue
More detals to follow once the earnings conference call has concluded.  We'll be updating this post as more information is available and we will later provide a detailed analysis.

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