Apple's new iMac awarded Cnet Editors Choice Rating

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By: switchtoamac at: 11:47 PM on August 12, 2007 | Comments (0)
In an August 9, 2007 article, Rich Brown reports that Apple's new iMac desktop has earned a 8.2 out of 10 rating as well as the Cnet "Editors Choice" rating.  Brown states, "Apple's new iMac is the most complete and most attractive mainstream desktop on the market, all-in-one or otherwise."

Key references from the article
"Apple's is not the first all-in-one desktop with a glossy screen, an ultrathin keyboard, and a trim profile. But unlike Sony's, HP's, and others' all-in-one efforts, no other vendor comes close to Apple's near-seamless aesthetic."

"The brushed-aluminum, glass, and black plastic chassis sets the iMac apart visually from any other desktop on the market. Apple even went so far as to include a black chamois cloth in the box to wipe off fingerprints from the glossy exterior."

"At least as far as the internal hardware, the iMac hasn't changed that much. The new CPU and graphics card are only generational updates, but they help Apple bring strong performance. Now that the Intel-compatible Mac version of Photoshop CS3 is out, Apple can compete on a level playing field with Windows desktops. And as expected, the new iMac dominates on Photoshop and on multimedia multitasking, and it also does very well on iTunes and CineBench, the latter as much a measure of overall multicore processing power as it is an indicator of a system's ability to process movie files. Compared to a wide range of competing mainstream desktops, the new Apple iMac more than holds its own"

"We have reservations, though, about the iMac's operating system. Our biggest complaint with this new system is that, even though Apple's new Leopard operating system is only two months away, Apple hasn't deigned to inform anyone about its upgrade plans. We find that oversight irksome and inconsiderate, especially since in the past, major operating system updates have run $129. As much as we like this system, we think you'd be smart to wait until October to buy one, when the new OS would presumably be included at no extra cost."

CNet Bottom Line

"With its super-elegant new design and a strong configuration, Apple's new iMac competes with the PC desktop market better than perhaps any previous Mac to date. Unless you're a gamer or an upgrade enthusiast, we can think of very few reasons not to make an iMac your next desktop."

Read the review in full at Cnet.

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