Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference slated for June

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:18 AM on March 14, 2008 | Comments (0)
On Thursday March 13, 2008 Apple Inc. announced that its annual developers conference (WWDC) will take place from June 9 - 13 at the Moscone West convention center in downtown San Francisco.  The company also stated that this year's event dubbed WWDC 2008 will be a "landmark" event.

Apple posted the following statements at its WWDC web site:

"The groundbreaking innovations of Mac OS X Leopard and iPhone OS offer two revolutionary development platforms for developers and IT professionals. Immerse yourself with information-rich sessions where Apple engineers go in-depth on the innovative technologies that power the features of these sophisticated platforms. Bring your code to the Labs and work one-to-one with Apple engineers, applying development methods and best-practices you gain from sessions to enhance your application."

Three Tracks
Apple will have three distinct tracks at the conference; Mac Track, IT Track, and the new iPhone Track.

A Landmark Event

The event invite sent to developers and media outlets features an image of two Golden Gate bridges converging with a headline that states, "A landmark event. In more ways than one."

Steve Jobs Keynote
The annual event features a keynote presentation from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  The keynote has often been the launchpad for new hardware and software announcements.  The iPhone is expected to have a significant role in the keynote thanks in part to the new iPhone Track and recent iPhone SDK release.

To learn more or register for WWDC, visit Apple's official Worldwide Developer's Conference site.

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