Apple Retail: ProCare, One to One, and Personal Shopping Overview

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By: switchtoamac at: 4:08 PM on May 2, 2007 | Comments (1)
On Wednesday May 2, 2007 revamped it's ProCare retail offering by splitting it into ProCare and a One to One.  The company also unveiled the Personal Shopping retail service.

Courtesy of Apple

ProCare ($99 per year)

It a priority support service offered at Apple retail stores.  According to  Apple: "ProCare membership starts with a complete setup of your Mac. Then stay up and running with premium benefits like same-day service at the Genius Bar, Rapid Repairs, yearly tune-ups, and more. All for just $99 per year, for up to three computers. Ask a Mac Specialist about ProCare. Your Mac will thank you."

ProCare offers the following services:
  • Complete Set-up
  • Rapid Repairs
  • Advanced Reservations
  • Yearly Tune Up
  • Fast Track
  • Backup Consultation

One to One ($99 per year)
Is a personal training service offered at Apple retail stores.  Apple trainers will create a customized training program to match your level of computer and Mac expericence.  According to Apple: "You can choose individual sessions covering everything from getting started on a Mac to making more out of your memories. Or explore any topic you like."

Training areas include:
  • Digital Photography
  • Building your own Website
  • Podcasting
  • iPod + iTunes
  • Open Project
  • Moviemaking
  • Getting Started on your Mac
  • Getting Started with Apple TV
  • Present and Publish
  • Mac 101
  • Music Making
Prior to the split, the services offered by the One to One service were part of ProCare.  Each is now its own $99 per year program.

Personal Shopping
This is a new service offered by Apple and best of all it's free.  You can schedule an appointment online, choose the products you're interested in,  visit your local Apple Store, and a dedicated Mac specialist will assist you as you shop.  According to Apple:  "We know the store can be busy, so when you’re ready to talk, Personal Shopping is a way for us to give you our undivided attention."

Potential switchers will find the Personal Shopping service quite helpful.  If you're interested in making the switch and are considering purchasing your first Mac, why not take advantage of the free Personal Shopping service?  It can go a long way to help get all your questions answered and lay the groundwork to make your switch that much easier, especially if combined with ProCare and One to One.

To learn more about these services visit the Apple Retail website.  You can also learn about Macs and Mac OS X at the Switch To A Mac Guides.

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ProCare with One-On-One for $99 a year was just fine.
Now it costs $200 a year for the same stuff.


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