Apple releases three new 'Get a Mac' ads

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By: switchtoamac at: 7:38 PM on October 22, 2008 | Comments (0)
Over the course of the current week, Apple has released three new 'Get a Mac' television advertisements that attack Microsoft's recent $300 million 'I'm a PC' ad campaign.  The new ads are called 'Bean Counter', 'V Word' and 'Bake Sale'
Bean Counter
In this ad, PC separates a stack of money into two distinct piles, one is dedicated towards Vista advertising whereas the other, a much smaller pile is set aside to fix Vista.
V Word
In this ad, PC describes how the Windows operating system will no longer be referred to by name.  PC sounds off a buzzer whenever Mac mentions 'Vista'.  PC states, "We don't say the V word anymore, doesn't sit well with frustrated PC users.  PC then goes on to refer to the 'baggage' that accompanies Vista and says they will now simply refer to 'Windows'.
gam_v_word.pngWe would like to highlight that Microsoft's new ads make no reference to Vista.  Therefore, Apple is attacking this fact head on.

Bake Sale
This is the newest of the three ads.  PC is conducting a 'bake sale' in an effort to raise money so he can finally 'fix Vista'.  Mac asks why PC is doing this himself.  PC responds by saying the 'marketing guys decided to run a big expensive ad campaign rather than use that money to fix Vista'.  As soon as Mac takes a bite out of a cup cake PC wants Mac to pay up $10 million.
gam_bake_sale.pngYou can view these ads at Apple's Get a Mac site.

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