Apple Releases "Get a Mac" Television Ads

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By: switchtoamac at: 9:12 AM on May 2, 2006 | Comments (0)
Apple released new television ads geared towards highlighting the Mac during last night's primetime commercial slots.  There are a total of six ads that show discussions between two men, one represents a Mac and the other a PC.  The ads share the same white theme that Apple used during it's "Switch" television ads that aired in 2002.

A few observations about the ads:
  • The older man on the left represents a PC, the younger hip man on the right represents a Mac
  • The PC actor is wearing glasses and resembles Bill Gates
  • The ads center around six major themes, Viruses, Restarting, Better, iLife, Network, WSJ (Wall Street Journal)
  • Each ad puts forth advantages that Macs have over PCs
All ads end by showing an Intel iMac with the words "Mac" next to the Apple logo.  In a post last week, I stated that I wanted to see Apple demonstrate that "Macs are the systems for today's Digital Lifestyle".  I was happy to see that the "iLife" and "Better" ads do just that.  Furthermore, I also stated, "I think that Apple should take the opportunity to capitalize on its growing popularity and market share gains".  Overall, I was happy with the message brought forth by the ads.

The ads have been posted to Apple's web site

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