Apple posts new 'Get a Mac' Ads: Pizza Box, Throne, and Calming Teas

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By: switchtoamac at: 11:35 AM on August 19, 2008 | Comments (0)
Chalk up three more 'Get a Mac' to hit the U.S. network airwaves and cable television.  Apple has posted the ads to their web site.
Pizza Box
In this ad, PC tries to temp college students with free Pizza.  PC is annoyed that Macs are the "number one notebooks on college campuses".

We especially like this ad as it highlights that switching to Mac is made easy by bringing you PC into an Apple retail store.  A Mac Genius will transfer over your files for FREE when you purchase a new Mac.

gam_throne.pngCalming Trees
We find this to be the funniest of the three.  PC has a line of "Calming Teas" to offer anyone whose been "frustrated by Vista".  The teas are:
  • Crashytime Chamomile
  • Pomegranate Patience
  • Raspberry Restart
  • Missing Driver Mint
gam_calming_teas.pngThe ad concludes when PC introduces his new line of "Vista Stess Relieving Bath Soaps"

You can view the ads here.  Enjoy!

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