Apple: new iPods announced on September 5, 2007 are NOT eligible for the Back to School promotion

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By: switchtoamac at: 3:40 PM on September 5, 2007 | Comments (1)
We reported yesterday that if Apple was to unveil new iPods today that they would not be eligible for the 2007 Back To School Promotion.  Apple has updated the FAQ page for the program with the following statements:

"Please be advised that Apple announced new iPods on September 5, 2007. These new iPods are not eligible for the Back to School promotion. Rebate claims submitted in conjunction with these products will not be honored."

"Along with the new iPod launch, Apple reduced the price on the prior generation iPods — the ones that are eligible for the promotion. This impacts the promotion rebate amount.

"For all iPods purchased and invoiced, as part of the promotion, on or before the September 5, 2007 announcement, qualified purchasers are eligible for a rebate of $199, the list price of a 4GB iPod nano. For all qualifying iPods purchased and invoiced under reduced pricing, customers are eligible for a reduced rebate amount. The new amount is $149, the new list price of an iPod nano. Customer rebate claims will be calculated based on verification of invoice date and verification of price paid for a 4GB iPod Nano. Larger capacity iPod nano and iPod units will be eligible for a $149 rebate."

If you're a student interested in the promotion (especially if you're thinking about making the switch), you'll want to purchase as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the deal.  You can learn more about the free iPod promotion here.  You can read the entire updated FAQ here.

Read about Apple's overhauled iPod lineup.

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1 Reader Comments

I am a dedicated Apple customer who has been responsible for a very large number of people and institutions having bought Apple computers and other products.

Not being able to take advantage of the 2007 Back To School Promotion within the original advertised time frame is extremely upsetting!

Am I ever upset! I was planning to purchase a 24" new iMac and a SuperDrive MacBook this weekend (i.e., September 8, 2007), given that the Canadian educational store promotion also runs until the 16th of September.

But guess what? Since the retail stores are sold out of all the higher (video, etc.) iPods, in addition to the original nano ipods, I cannot take advantage of Apple's advertised promotion within the advertised time frame. I believe that Apple is acting in a highly unethical manner by not making provisions for being sold out of any iPods that may be eligible for this promotion.

Actually, beyond being upset, I feel very much let down by Apple, to tell you the truth. In fact, very, very hurt.

I do not know what I should do about this problem. I have spent in excess of 73 minutes tonight waiting for an Apple support specialist to assist me with this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions about what one should do?

Thanks, in advance.

Toronto computer teacher.

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