Apple introduces keyboard changes in the new MacBook Pro models

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By: switchtoamac at: 2:48 PM on February 26, 2008 | Comments (3)
The new MacBook Pro models that were released today include some significant changes to the keyboard.  Here's an overview of the changes:
  • Combination "Media and Function" keys on the top row.  Includes a picture of what the media functions do.
  • The word "command" is now present on the cmd keys
  • Removal of the num lock key
  • Removal of numbers that were on the right side letters (u,i,o,p,j,k,l,m)
  • Removal of arithmetic symbols from keys on the right side of the keyboard
  • Replaced small 'enter' key on the right with a second 'option' key on the bottom row (two keys to the right of the space bar)

The following picture shows the keyboard change on the Early 2008 MacBook Pro models:

early_2008_mbp_keyboard.pngMacBook Pro Guide
Be sure to read our MacBook Pro Guide which has been updated to reflect the new models that were released on February 26, 2008.

New Changes
The current generation MacBook Pro models have a new keyboard layout having adopted the keyboard style that was first introduced on the MacBook and subsequently on the MacBook Air.  The new MacBook Pro keyboard looks like the following:

  • May 5, 2009 - content revision, updated early 2008 image, added late 2008 image

3 Reader Comments

This isn't that new. This keyboard layout has been on the MacBooks since last update, and on the MacBook Air.

It's new for the MacBook Pro.

remember you can use double command ( to modify your enter/option/etc keys to your liking, so really it's just an aesthetic thing.

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