Apple Announces Final Cut Pro 5.1.2

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:20 PM on September 10, 2006 | Comments (0)
At Amsterdam's IBC 2006, Apple Computer has announced version 5.1.2 of Final Cut Pro, the company's professional video editing software.  The update adds support for Motion's FxPlug real-time plug-ins and additional capture formats.

Although prior version of Final Cut Pro included support for the 25 Mbps CBR version of Sony's XDCAM, the 5.1.2 update includes additional support for 18 Mbps and 35 Mbps video.  The update also adds support for Panasonic's P2 and HDV.  The expansion of the P2 import tool allows additional information to be accesed via Final Cut Pro.  Also added is 24P and 25P versions of HDV which allows native editing of captured footage from JVC's HD100.  Look for updates to Apple's site for additional information.  As of this posting, Apple has not posted the information on their site.

Apple indicated that the update will be released within the next 30 days and will be available via the company's Mac OS X Software Update tool.  Apple's Exhibitor Details can be viewed here. HD For Indies Summary of the Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 update. 
By continuing to add features to Final Cut Pro, Apple is making the push to lure away customers from it's competitors.  Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio are gaining popularity amongst professional editors and this trend should further fuel Apple's expansion and user base growth. 


September 11, 2006 
  • Added link to HD For Indies summary 

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