Apple alters One to One program; still $99/year but available only with the purchase of a new Mac

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:30 PM on June 2, 2009 | Comments (0)

Apple has rolled out changes to its One to One program that provides personalized setup and training for Mac users. The program is still priced at $99 per year but is now available only to those who have purchased a new Mac from an Apple Retail Store (and soon from the Apple Online Store).

The old One to One
Previously, the One to One program included a one hour session with an Apple Store employee each week per year.  Not only was the program available to new Mac buyers but it was also sold to any customer willing to pay $99 per year for the service.  The first iteration of the program was an attempt by Apple to increase any customer's knowledge of Macs.  It made no distinction between Mac owners, those interested in Macs, or switchers.

The new One to One

The One to One program is now only available to customers who have purchased a new Mac and is sold only at the time of purchase.  Apple has segmented the program into three features:
  1. Get set up - Apple will help you setup your new Mac. This is a great feature for switchers because Apple will help you transfer files from a PC to your new Mac.

  2. Get trained - this training feature offers three ways to learn.  You can learn in person via a Personal Training Session, you can attend One to One Workshops based on specialized topics, or you can learn at your own pace online.  Each subscriber will have access to a personalized One to One page  to access 'hundred of tutorials', schedule and manage appointments, and view projects created by other One to One members.

  3. Get going - members can reserve a three hour session with an Apple Trainer to receive personal project assistance.

In an interview with USA Today Ron Johnson, Apple's Senior Vice President of Retail made the following statements:
"We originally set up One to One to get people to switch to the Mac,"
"Now we want to expand it to make it even more relevant to people who have bought their Mac.


The new program no longer allows one to gift One to One to a friend and it can no longer be used by those with a casual interest in learning about Macs.  I personally know a few people who have switched after signing up for One to One.  This will no longer be possible with the new program.

What the program now offers is a more personalized and connected relationship with Mac owners.  Apple has realigned the strategy of the One to One program to allow the company to deliver more value and deepen the relationship with Mac customers.  This will clearly benefit switchers and those Mac users who prefer personalized training.

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