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By: switchtoamac at: 8:03 AM on July 18, 2007 | Comments (0)
In a July 6, 2007 article titled "The era of the PC is over: why Apple is beating Microsoft", writer Danny Gorog puts forth his view that the PC era is over and Apple is poised to take advantage.

Key quotes from the article
"The recent joint interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 highlighted for me what makes Apple a great company, and why Microsoft continues to struggle on all fronts except Windows and Office."

"But like Steve said at D5, the era of the PC is largely over. Most innovation now is happening on what he calls post-PC devices, like music players and mobile phones. And that is what Apple is focusing on."

"Microsoft, however, still doesn't get it and I believe the lack of understanding comes from the top. Gates still maintains that tablet PCs are going to take over the world, that Microsoft will eventually dethrone Google to be the new leader in search, that Zune will eventually rival the iPod for market share and that Microsoft has already conquered the smart phone market. Somebody please tell the man he is dreaming."

"Apple knows that its core strength is writing and designing software and wrapping it in sleek (but nowadays relatively generic) hardware. If Apple wanted it could also throw money into areas like search and gaming but Jobs is more disciplined then that."

"Consumer electronics are already too complicated and consumers know it. Post-PC devices need to be tightly integrated, and at the moment, the only company that does this, and does it well is Apple."

A nice read that can be found at APC Magazine

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