Adobe Announces Creative Suite 3

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By: switchtoamac at: 5:12 AM on March 27, 2007 | Comments (7)
Adobe has finally announced the release of the much anticipated Creative Suite 3.  This new version is the first from Adobe to natively support Apple's Intel based Macs.

According to the company's web site:

The Adobe® Creative® Suite 3 family offers you choice — in the combination of creative tools you master, the design disciplines you explore, and the richness and scope of content you create. This revolutionary new release includes six editions, each combining tightly integrated, industry-leading components that enable you to handle virtually any creative task.

Together these six editions of Creative Suite 3 address virtually every creative discipline and empower you to work more efficiently with your creative team; collaborate more closely with developers to produce engaging experiences; and serve your clients, your business, and your creative vision more easily and effectively than ever before.

Adobe is offering the suite in six different bundles as follows:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection
Shared Services for all versions include:
  • Adobe Bridge CS3
  • Adobe Version Cue® CS3
  • Adobe Device Central CS3
  • Adobe Stock Photos
  • Adobe Acrobat® Connect™
  • Adobe Dynamic Link
  • Adobe OnLocation™ CS3
  • Adobe Ultra® CS3

Pricing is as follows:

Upgrade pricing varies for each product.  For qualified students, academic pricing is also available at the Adobe Store.  Adobe will webcast a live launch event today at 3:30 pm EST.  You can visit the Adobe Create Suite 3 page at Adobe's web site here

Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. Deliver innovative ideas in print, web, and mobile design! Order Now!

Photoshop Creative Suite 3. Create powerful images with the professional standards. Order Now!

Quick Glance
The following table (taken from the Adobe Creative Suite 3 site at Adobe's web site) offers a quick glance of the software titles offered in the  Design, Web, Production Premium, and Master Collection packages.  Be sure to visit Adobe's site for a complete description.  The table has been placed here for easy viewing and as an overview

Switch To A Mac Commentary
It has been speculated that many professional Mac users have delayed purchasing Intel based PowerMac replacements (the Mac Pro) as they waited for Adobe to release Intel native versons of Photoshop and other software from the Creative Suite product set.

Now that Intel native versions have been announced, I anticipate that several Adobe users who have otherwise waited to make the switch will now purchase a Mac.  Note however that many Mac users and followers are expecting that Apple will announce revisions to several Macintosh models in the near future.  Once those revisions are announced, I expect Mac sales to spike.  In the interim, I believe that uncertainty surrounding the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard release date is causing many to hold off on Mac purchases.

7 Reader Comments

Umm... the "Master Suite" does include Photoshop CS3 unlike your chart shows.

Note that the chart was obtained from Adobe.

Obviously your not looking hard enough, Adobe Photoshop CS3 isn't included.. but Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended is what's included.

Ummmm.. There's the Photoshop CS3 Extended that included in the chart. Just take your time and read the chart.

"Umm... the "Master Suite" does include Photoshop CS3 unlike your chart shows."

No it doesn't. It includes Photoshop CS3 Extended instead. (See chart.)

if Anonymous would read the chart correctly he/she would notice that there are two version of photoshop. you don't get both, just either photoshop or photoshop extended

Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks.

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