7 days left - Apple's 2008 Back to School offer ends September 15 - impact of tomorrow's Let's Rock event

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By: switchtoamac at: 12:31 PM on September 8, 2008 | Comments (0)

Time is running out folks, Apple's Back to School offer will end on September 15th!  So here's the deal.  You're a college student, teacher, or staff member so Apple wants to offer you an amazing deal on a new Mac and iPod.

This year's Apple Back-to-School promotion is the biggest in history so act now before the deal expires.  The savings are substantial.  Not only do you save up to 10 percent on a new Mac and get a free iPod touch or iPod nano after rebate but you can also stack on the following promotions:

  • get up to $100 off select printers
  • get up to 50% off Apple software
  • get $30 off your first year of MobileMe
  • get free engraving on iPod
  • get free shipping on purchases over $50

We recently highlighted the fact that any new iPods released prior to September 15 WILL NOT be eligible for the 2008 Back To School promotion.  Last year, Apple rolled out new iPods prior to the expiration of the 2007 promotion and clearly altered the terms of the rebate.  The rebate price was reduced.

What about new iPods and Macs - I hear new models are due soon
Soon is an understatement.  Apple will be holding a special media event tomorrow called 'Let's Rock'.  It's anticipated that Apple will be rolling out new iPods at the event.  Rumblings on the web also mention an upgraded iTunes version with new features as well as iPhone news.  Some are speculating that Apple will release new Macs at the event.  We recently published analysis detailing that MacBook and MacBook Pro updates are on the horizon.

Ok, so new iPods and Macs are on the way but you're not going to see a deal like this for at least another year.  If you're an eligible purchaser and are thinking about switching or buying a new Mac, the 2008 Back-To-School deal is hard to pass up.  With the savings you can rack up you'll have to weigh the risk of waiting versus the reward of missing out on a substantial deal.  Holding out on hopes for a favorable tradeoff can be a bit risky. You can find out more at the Apple Store. 

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